Jordan Kilganon Would Shut Down The NBA Dunk Contest With This Dunk NEVER Done Before
Published On February 9, 2014 » 10320 Views» Dunks, Features, Great Performances, Highlights, Hoopmixtape, Play of the Day, The Showoff

Jordan Kilganon New Dunk Never Done BeforeWe first saw 6’1″ Jordan Kilganon in some of his YouTube videos, throwing down some of the craziest dunks on low rims.

We were in awe of what he could do, got him on the phone and flew him out to LA last summer – over the course of a few dunk sessions, he blew our minds.

The stuff he was doing was insane, and many of the dunks had never been done before by anyone, let alone a 6’1″ white guy!

This is just one small sneak preview of the kind of stuff we have to come from Kilganon.

This has never been done before – by ANYONE.

It was his first time hitting the dunk, as you can tell from his reaction. We have no doubt the 21 year old could win an NBA Dunk contest right now. We believe this dunk would be a perfect 50. What do you think?